We Are The Music Makers

Hey I'm Jamara [jah-mah-rah]. 20.
I enjoy music, food, movies, tattoos, lightning, freckles, sparklers, art, photography, fashion, cityscapes, atomic explosions, Batman, bad jokes, green eyes, bright lights, and laughing.

I'm currently living the life in London (Canada) and trying my best to figure out who I am. I'm in college right now taking Advanced Filmmaking and working to pay off my deep hole of student debt. You can often find me watching films, biking, reading, in the editing lab, writing scripts, or eating.

I did my big chop June 3rd 2013. My last realxer was November 27th 2012, which was about a 6 month transition. I'm aiming for big hair (think Foxy Cleopatra)

Message me music or movie suggestions, I'd love either or both.

If the pictures I post make you smile, that's cool.